Louisa Bond

From the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild, they list the passenger list for the ship the Gale [apparently their source is Kaulbeck, Ruth E., The Historic Saga of LeHeve (LeHave), Lower Sackville, NS, 1970, pp 86-87.] , which departed from Rotterdam on June 9, 1752. The ship arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia on September 6, 1752. The master on the ship was Thomas Casson. Why is this important? Because it lists a Christop Naks as one of the passengers and a Palatinate Farmer. According to betyg@gwi.net:

"I believe passenger Christoph Naks is actually Johann Christopher Naas,
born September 8, 1728.  He settled in Chester, Lunenburg County,
Nova Scotia, Canada; married Elizabeth Westhaver and had 7 children.
He died June 24, 1802, in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.  He was my