Celebrating the anniversary of Salome’s family’s arrival from Illinois to Santa Cruz, California. In Salome’s handwriting: October 23, 1910 Picnic my Gum grove. 19 in all S.F. Written on 1-12-70 in Grandaunt Phyllis’ handwriting: This, written by Grandma Salome Morgan Fridley. Her hand is raised. October 23, 1852 was the anniversary date. The arrow points to Grandpa Alonzo Fridley. Another arrow points to Uncle Elmer (seated on ground on the left).

In Salome’s writing: Oct. 23, 1910 Picnic in eucalyptus grove.
The guy holding the dog at the end could be Philip Fridley’s cousin – Al Weeks Father. Salome’s sister Margaret married a Thomas J. Weeks.