This Family Grove site can perhaps be a bit confusing since we have a very complex family history between John and myself. John’s mother’s side includes surnames: Meyer, Goeckle, Sage, and Shauffellen. John’s father’s surnames are Castellucci and Barilla.

My adoptive maternal side’s surnames are Silverstien, Silver, Mortensen, and Carr. My adoptive paternal side includes surnames: Fuller, Arnold, Carlson, Bowen, Glass, Phillips, Stevens, Talbot, Warner, Willmarth, Wise, Worthington, and Wright.

My birth paternal surnames include: Henke, Doran, and Leonard. While my birth maternal surnames are: Anderson, Blackburn, Bond, Drew, Ellis, Foster, Fridley, Hennig, Hiltz, Jones, Keim, Lincoln, Morgan, Naas/Nauss, Ochesenbein, Redden, Rulofson, Salyer, Trachsel, Tubbs, Weeks, Weidner, Woolf, Yoder, and Zaugg.

This is no means an exhaustive list of surnames. We will be adding surnames as we go along.