Louisa Bond

From the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild, they list the passenger list for the ship the Gale [apparently their source is Kaulbeck, Ruth E., The Historic Saga of LeHeve (LeHave), Lower Sackville, NS, 1970, pp 86-87.] , which departed from Rotterdam on June 9, 1752. The ship arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia on September 6, 1752. The master on the ship was Thomas Casson. Why is this important? Because it lists a Christop Naks as one of the passengers and a Palatinate Farmer. According to betyg@gwi.net:

"I believe passenger Christoph Naks is actually Johann Christopher Naas,
born September 8, 1728.  He settled in Chester, Lunenburg County,
Nova Scotia, Canada; married Elizabeth Westhaver and had 7 children.
He died June 24, 1802, in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.  He was my

George William Redden There is actually a really nice website about Naas genealogy that has been the basis of a lot of what I know. Johann Christopher Naas is related to my great-grandmother ,Ethel Redding. Her father was Ernest Edwin Redden, who’s parents were George William Redden (b.25 November 1855 in Chester, N.S.) and Louisa Bond. Louisa Bond was a twin born to James Bond (b. circa 1786, c.28 May 1786 in Shelburn, Nova Scotia, d. 19 March 1858 in Chester, N.S.) and Marie (Mary) Dorothea Naas (b.10 October 1790, c. 24 October 1790. m. 26 April 1819). Marie was the daughter of John Wendell Nass (b. 7 June 1760) and Maria Dorothy Deuthof (Dorothea) (b.20 August 1765). John Wendell was the son of Johann Christoph Naas (Naks, Nahs, Nasz, etc.) and Elizabeth Veronica Westhoffer.

Johann Christoph Nahs was born on 09-08-1728 in Bad Durkheim, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany to Johann Frederich and Justina Nahs. His trip began in Heidelberg, Germany. Christoph then left Lumen (South of Heidelberg) on May 9, 1752. After 14 days on the Rhine, he boarded the British Ship “The Gale” (Gohl) in Rotterdam. Christoph left with 261 other souls on that ship for 13 weeks. 53 perished on the trip including 11 of 12 children born onboard.

He became indented to the English government for 75 pound passage over. Christoph received a land allocation in the new town of Lunenburg of 735 acres. He was an elder of the Lutheran Church. Christoph married Elizabeth Veronica Westhoffer on October 30, 1753 at St. John’s Anglican Church. Elizabeth was born on January 19, 1735 in Lutzelsachsen, Germany.

Elizabeth Veronica Westhoffer was the daughter of Hans Jakob Westhoffer and Anna Catherina Albert. Elizabeth came to Halifax in November of 1751 with her brother, Jacob Michael (who received 380 acres to cultivate in Lunenburg) and his wife on the HMS Murdock. She has been listed as Feronica, Lowissa Barbara, and Euphronia.

Christoph died on June 24, 1802 and Elizabeth died on September 22, 1820.